The Lord protects his own..

"because he loves me", says the Lord, " I will rescue him. I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble. I will deliver him and honor him. With long life, will I satisfy him, and show him... Continue Reading →


When Jesus says “no”

Sometimes I think God looks down on us when his answer is "no" and shakes his head because of what he sees. He sees us stomping our feet and throwing a fit just as a child would. He sits back and watches this tantrum unfold as if we were back in preschool and the teacher... Continue Reading →

He will satisfy

"The Lord will guide you always. He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be a well watered garden like a spring whose waters never fail" Isaiah 58:11 What a beautiful promise from the Lord! He will sustain us and satisfy us. He will fill us up... Continue Reading →

Love your neighbors..

Is it just me or do you ever wonder what other people have going on in their lives? Today I decided to go to a local coffee shop to do my quiet time and to just spend some time in the word. As I sat drinking my coffee, I looked at the people around me.... Continue Reading →

Our Daily Bread..

Today as I was doing my devotion, I came across a verse that hit me pretty hard. "Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give only my daily bread"  Proverbs 30:8 "help me with this test", "Give me this car", "help me earn more money", the list can... Continue Reading →

Being a light in a dark world

I sat at my normal table, at my normal coffee shop today, but today was not a normal day. Today a guy approached me and began to start a friendly conversation from his table. He informed me that he was from California and was in town visiting his family. What he said next wasn't a... Continue Reading →

days like this…

It's 60 degrees outside and my inner fall self is going crazy. I absolutely love this weather! The leaves falling and the cool breeze just makes me want to curl up outside with a good book. I can't remember the last time I even had time for something like that.  I have never not had... Continue Reading →

Fill me up

"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, Lord. My rock and my Redeemer." Psalms 19:14 Lord, Be with my words. Guard my heart and let all that I do bring praise and glory to you Father. Help me to grow through your word and walk closer... Continue Reading →

There’s room at the table..

Some days I feel myself constantly feeling the need to fight for the attention of the Lord. I feel sometimes that I am getting left behind as others begin to excel or find their purpose in the Lord. There's days that I don't feel adequate and I feel as if my past regrets have made... Continue Reading →

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